ELIA Wellness Philosophy

We believe in the value of human life and the beauty of an individual’s uniqueness. We are designed to thrive and the greatest gift we can give someone is to engage them in an active process of becoming aware and making positive choices to fulfil their potential and have an “abundant life”.

Our philosophy is to inspire and empower people to achieve whole-person health as defined through the 7 Dimensions of Wellness:


Emotionally Thriving:
Feeling content and having emotional intelligence.


Physically Energised:
Experiencing vibrant physical health.

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Socially Connected:
Enjoying satisfying relationships and good social support.


Vocationally Enriched:
Being engaged in activites that enrich your life.


Intellectually Engaged:
Approaching life with a passion for lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation.


Environmentally Attuned:
Interacting positively with the environment.


Spiritually Empowered:
Having a strong connection to something bigger then yourself that gives you meaning in life.

We recognise that positive lifestyle choices act as preventative medicine.

We advocate for and promote evidence-based lifestyle medicine, integrated with conventional medicine, in order to prevent, arrest and reverse chronic diseases.

We aim to actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of lifestyle medicine by implementing rigorous research methodology across the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.

Our goal is to develop and promote actionable and accessible resources, practices, platforms, and activities that will inspire, educate and empower professionals, individuals and communities to achieve whole-person wellness.

ELIA Wellness Philosophy. Last Updated 28 August 2018